There are some important points that must be followed by client before sending all the necessary contents which are going to be used.

Website Text Content

  1. All text content must be saved in MS Word “.doc” file format.
  2. Website text content in any other format e.g. .jpg, excel, non editable PDF and hard copy of Brochure will not be accepted. Client must has to provide editable text content.
  3. Make website text content categorized appropriately (E.g. Home, About Us, Services, and Products & Contact Us).

Logo and Photos

  1. All images saved in .jpg and .png formats only.
  2. All images must be labeled appropriately. (E.g. logo.png, logo.jpg, services1.jpg, product.jpg, etc.).
  3. Preferred placement of images on pages to be mentioned clearly.
  4. All logos / images / pictures / maps must be provided by the client.
  5. If necessary purchase images from the stock image websites.

Points to Remember

  1. Do not copy text content from other websites.
  2. Do not use images from other websites.
  3. Make your unique content.
  4. All materials must be finalized by you before submitting to us.